Liberty Bracket Bash Updates

This weekend is the $10K Bracket Bash event put on by CIDRA in Liberty, IN. Friday night's action was rained out, so the event was moved to a Saturday/Sunday race. Results are posted below.

Fast Class
1st - Bobby Meyers ($1000)
2nd - Carrol Patterson ($400)
3rd - Josh Philpot ($200)
4th - Kathy Ellington ($150)

Slow Class:
1st-Justin Ball ($1000)
2nd-Lonnie Rees ($400)
3rd-Charlie Bath ($200)
4th-Scott Lykins ($150)

Fast Class
1st-Jim Rhodus ($2000)
2nd-Kathy Ellington ($700)
3rd-Josh Philpot ($400)
4th-Butch Cregar ($150)

Slow Class
1st-Darryl Silvers ($2000)
2nd-Bob Houseman Jr. ($700)
3rd-Duane Kleinheimer ($400)
4th-Tracy Hicks ($150)

1st-Justin McClellan
2nd-Kelin Clemens
3rd-Kendra Bowers

1st-Damian Bowers
2nd-Arrial Cutler
3rd-Ragen Sizemore
4th-Cole Robinson

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